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K2 Industries Business Group

Providing services for multiple products and companies on a global scale, optimizing your cost structure and customer reach. 

K2 provides Strategic Advisory services to help clients enter new markets and expand operations, including development and implementation of fundraising and scaleup strategies.

K2 is the launch point for companies that wish to position and expand their offering in Latin America without the need to have offices and warehouses in Panama, create a company in country, obtain permits, hire personnel, or manage local cultural and political idiosyncrasies. K2 provides a bridge for contact between buyers and sellers in the region representing companies to position your products and services.

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Why work with K2?
Confidence, results, agility, flexibility - a trusted partner on the ground

The K2 Industries Business Group encompasses all areas of expertise with a dedicated team for each area

Strategic location of our offices and warehouse in the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Zone; Panama is the logistics Hub for the Americas

Real-time opportunity identification - before the rest of the world knows about it

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Strategic and Financial Advisory

Not sure where to start? We are. Our proven strategy looks at the whole picture when positioning your product for the market, ensuring you’re right where you need to be at exactly the right time.

  • Opportunity identification
  • Value proposition
  • Tax regime analysis
  • Market entry and expansion strategy
  • Financing structure, preparation, and implementation
  • Connection with investors
  • Corporate governance
Strategic and Financial Advisory
New Business Creation

If you’re attracted by the Latin American market but don’t see where you could fit in, K2 is ready to help you seize the opportunity. Our global business solutions save you time and money by identifying a niche, overcoming potential challenges and designing a custom solution that positions you in front.

From conception to execution, we’ve got you covered.

  • Identification of market challenges
  • Solution design and implementation
  • Efficient business structuring
  • Connection to strategic partners
  • Back-office services portfolio
  • Local government and community liaison
New Business Creation
Market Positioning

An entirely new market can be both exciting and stressful. With K2 as your partner, you get more of the excitement and less of the stress. Our highly experienced Latin American sales specialists know what it takes to make your product succeed in this market.

  • Effective communication and coordination with partners on the ground
  • Sales strategies through both traditional and eCommerce channels
  • International market entry with our strategic partner EHubCo
  • Participation in public and private bids
  • Back-office and administrative solutions
Market Positioning

How do we work together?

Representing your Brand

One of the critical components in a successful partnership is the aspiration for growth

K2 will represent and distribute your product in the region to effectively develop a strong market presence

Strategic Alliance or Joint Venture

Do you see a fit for developing something new together with K2, our products and technologies?

We want to hear your ideas and goals


We offer you the value of being your virtual office in Latin America. We administer your operation for the region offering the following benefits and services.

  • A REAL warehouse in Panama Pacifico special economic zone from which you reexport products to the entire region in the most expeditious manner - Panama is the Logistics Hub of the Americas given its privileged location.
  • We sell your products from Panama nationally and to the region and provide post-sales service for the Americas as if you have an office in Panama.
  • We manage all your logistics operations: receiving the products in Panama, delivering and re-exporting to each client that you give instructions for.
  • We manage invoicing for the sale of products from Panama to the Latin American region.
  • We have a specialized bilingual sales team to sell to clients in the region. We provide this service for a commission on sales which we negotiate with you.
  • Logistics and distribution management from Panama. This cost depends on the volume of product that you wish to manage out of Panama. K2 will invoice you for this cost monthly, based on prior month volume and actual cost.
  • Clients in the region prefer to purchase from various sellers in Panama as it provides them with the possibility to consolidate their container shipments with different products from different vendors. In this way they are not obligated to purchase large quantities of only one item. We are here to support you in this growth and sales model with the possibility for immediate delivery, saving the delivery time from the country of origin.
  • We work for you as your authorized office in the region, saving you the costs of establishing offices, warehouses, logistics services, hiring personnel, labour contracts, social security payments, insurance expenses, etc. We offer the possibility for you to see the inventory and movements of your merchandise in real time during each moment using our administration and accounting software.
  • We have the possibility to offer you space in our virtual store for the Americas to showcase your products.