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At K2 collaboration is part of our philosophy – we believe that through collaboration we find new and improved solutions and together we build Bigger, Better, Bolder

We believe success stories are created based on relationships of trust and reach of your network. New business lines and companies are a result of collaboration between countries, products, and people, innovating previously non-existent solutions.

We are constantly innovating and changing the status quo, offering new and better products, and developing new ways to deliver them.

What makes a great partnership for K2?
One of the critical components in a successful partnership is a passion for creating together

Our ideal partners are:

Aligned with our values and our focus

Focused on Sustainability – Sustainable Technology Solutions is the base of our business and underlines the innovative delivery of our value proposition

Looking to enter new markets but don't know how to identify, qualify, and quantify the opportunities


We want to hear about your value proposition and how it impacts Sustainability & ESG (Environment, Society & Governance)

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How do we work together?

Representing your Brand

One of the critical components in a successful partnership is the aspiration for growth

K2 will represent and distribute your product in the region to effectively develop a strong market presence

Strategic Alliance or Joint Venture

Do you see a fit for developing something new together with K2, our products and technologies?

We want to hear your ideas and goals


Symbiotic’s Algae Cultivation Systems utilize wastewater, waste heat, CO₂, and other waste streams emitted from industrial and agricultural processes as inputs towards achieving a net neutral carbon demand to support sustainability in the water, energy, and food nexus.

A system of easily deployable photobioreactor modules utilize both solar and artificial light, a one-of-a-kind media agitation system, and a gas mixing and delivery system for even nutrient delivery to effectively grow high-protein algal biomass for human food and animal feed, the treatment of wastewater, production of energy feedstock and for CO₂ remediation.

Would you like to incorporate a more sustainable waste management system? Let us analyze your situation and propose you an integrated solution to transform your waste.

Servi-industriales y Mercadeo (S&M)

Over three decades of experience providing Business Process and Key Process Outsourcing solutions in Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

S&M helps companies manage the entire human talent value chain and assists through business transformations, applying a methodology for identification, analysis and operation managed by experts trained in large national and international companies.

Anthesis’ goal is to support its clients to avoid, reduce, and remove at least 3GT of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

From avoiding future emissions to reducing current greenhouse gases through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and circularity, making investments and using innovation to drive the organization forward, solutions experts help create the optimum blend of connected strategies based on the client´s real challenges.

Sustainable Strategy Solutions (Sustrategy)

Multilingual, multicultural global expansion experience for international expansion and implementation of proven strategic solutions in complex negotiations in the energy, exploration, construction, digital, clean-tech, and supply chain industries.

Sustrategy works with disruptors to evolve industry, and achieve regional and international growth goals and new market entry.

Elevate provides foreign buyer financing for customers of Canadian small and medium-size businesses.

Elevate also supports Canadian exporters by providing working capital, foreign exchange solutions and advisory services to support sales strategies, help buyers get the equipment they need, facilitate trade, and improve bottom line results. 

K2 is Elevate´s partner on the ground in Panama and Colombia. We will work with you to put together an application for financing your purchase of Canadian goods and services for your projects.

Kapital Financial Services is a Colombian boutique corporate finance firm creating value in a business landscape where technological changes and fierce competition are modifying the way we do business.

Kapital implements an integral approach, focused on business strategy, corporate finance and automated tools for new business development and deal closing.

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