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The Brands K2 represents are aligned with our values and focus.

Sustainable technology is the underlying element of our business and supports the unique delivery of our value proposition. K2 represents leading-edge, patented technologies with a solid base in scientific investigation.

At K2 we are solving problems through the integration of the products and services we represent, in circular economy systems. One of our new lines of business was created through collaboration with partners in Canada, Colombia, and England, leading to new, innovative solutions for the transformation of water and waste.

Does your brand align with K2? Do you think your brand is a good fit to work with us? 

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UbiGro® is a luminescent film that optimizes sunlight applying clean patented nanotechnology known as quantum dots to improve the quality of light in the greenhouse. This layer of light leverages unused parts of the sun’s spectrum, UV, and blue photons, and converts them into orange, red, and far-red, giving your plants more of what they need to thrive.

UbiGro® empowers greenhouse growers to control light quality, using fluorescence to increase photosynthetic efficiency to improve fruit and flower production without wires or electricity, allowing plants to get the most from sunlight and increasing crop yields for the grower, which means more revenue for the farm.

Growers who use UbiGro® in their greenhouse experience healthier plants and gain up to a 20% boost in crop yields.

K2 can help you evaluate the potential yield increases for your crop. One of our experts can provide you more information about different implementation results and share the initial results of our trial installation in Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá.

We welcome a conversation about your specific application.

HYDROPATH’s technology is used all over the world as a cost-effective, energy-saving, green solution for conditioning water. The range of HydroFLOW® units, designed for a growing host of industries, are designed to treat biofouling, to improve filtration via flocculation, and to protect against limescale and many other types of scaling.

HydroFLOW® uses a unique technology to transmit an electric field into the pipe and the water inside. The signal can travel throughout the plumbing network, both upstream and downstream to protect the entire system without the need for any cutting or plumbing.

HydroFLOW® water conditioners have been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, an award for clean and profitable solutions that meet high standards in profitability and sustainability and contribute toward meeting the United Nations Sustainable Goals Framework.

Is limescale buildup in your boilers resulting in increased maintenance and chemical costs for your operations? Is treating biofouling and limescale buildup in your cooling towers an increasing cost and a constant concern for health? Looking for improved filtration for swimming pools?

Contact us today to share your specific concerns and how we can get HydroFLOW® working for you.

Less costs, less chemicals, less maintenance. HydroFLOW® products are part of the #1000 solutions portfolio which contribute to a greener planet.

H2Origen® is a patented technology that regenerates wastewater from the most polluting conditions with 97% effectiveness, returning it to its natural, pure, drinkable state. Through physical processes, without chemicals, H2Origen® achieves the infinite reuse of this precious resource. Reducing the volumes of water used in any process, reduces costs and minimizes negative impacts of human activities, creating environmental and financial sustainability, going beyond simply complying with environmental regulations.

H2Origen® water treatment plants have a revolutionary filter medium for the removal of numerous contaminants from the water and air. Through a proprietary patented process, a filter material with one of the most catalytic surfaces available in the market removes contaminants by oxidation and absorption with particle filtration of 3 to 5 microns. Plant capacities start at 0.5m3 / day.

Do you manage polluted wastewater streams with heavy metals or other toxic residues that are complicated and costly? Are you struggling with high chemical treatment costs that are not achieving the desired results? Would you like to incorporate a more environmentally and financially friendly solution?

K2 can work with you to customize the solution for any size and location of operations and immediately bring you feasible solutions to regenerate all water no matter what the contamination level.

Masterbatch, Desiccants, Fillers

K2 supplies a full product line of white and black masterbatch, including food grade masterbatch, desiccants, and fillers.

Masterbatch is a solid additive for plastic used for imparting other properties to plastics. It is a concentrated mixture of pigments and/or additives encapsulated during a heat process into a carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into a granular shape. It allows the processor to color raw polymer economically during the plastics process.

If you manufacture or extrude any types of plastics, K2 can supply your raw materials competitively and efficiently. We also produce custom made plastic products, like our 100% biodegradable bags.

With inventory in Panama, we can supply your raw material need more efficiently and timely. Let us know what products you need!

Masterbatch, Desiccants, Fillers
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Strategic Alliances

We create long-term, sustainable partnerships and alliances because we believe that together we build Bigger, Better, Bolder. Through collaboration, new businesses, new opportunities, new strategies, new solutions and new ideas are born.

K2 is a channel of connection between people, ideas, technologies, opportunities, challenges, and solutions.