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There’s more than one way to get here, but many of the roads are very bumpy. K2 puts you on the right path from the beginning. Market experts, cultural experts, financial experts, legal experts: our professional team brings together all the pieces of the puzzle to pave your way into this exciting, new market.

Based in the strategic Panama Pacifico Special Economic Zone, K2 is a market positioning specialist with an innovative approach to developing business in new markets, particularly in Latin America.

We are a channel of connection – between people, ideas, technologies, opportunities, challenges, and solutions.

Let's make it happen

We make it easy to not just break into a new market but to thrive there.

Our business model is not a typical distributor

Our added value is to provide services for multiple products and companies on a global level to optimize the cost structure and customer reach.

Our proposal is to be an EXTENSION of your company in the Americas. We look after your sales from the country of origin, purchase orders for your clients, delivery requests, repacking, post-sales service. We offer a highly experienced sales force with deep experience in the market to strategically position your offer and grow your sales portfolio. Instead of a model with heavy fixed costs, we operate on a simple success-based commission payment.

K2 is a channel of connection

Between people, ideas, technologies, opportunities, challenges, and solutions

What’s the benefit for me as a potential K2 partner?

  • K2 gets Results. Our team reaches decision makers to position your products
  • Test the market before making a significant financial investment and minimize exposure
  • No need for a physical presence: K2 offers you the value of your virtual office in Latin America, administering your operation for the region with a portfolio of services ranging from warehouse & showroom space to back-office activities to logistics support
  • A partner of confidence - your eyes and ears on the ground
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